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Workshop Agenda

5. September 2008


19:30 Dinner at the Cafe Soleil

6. September 2008


8:00 E. Vigmond/G. Plank Welcome/Introduction to CARP Concepts
9:00 N. Trayanova Predictive Models of the Heart in Health and Disease
9:30 P. Kohl Utility and limitations of 'wet' image acquisition techniques for cardiac reconstruction
10:00 J. Bayer Modeling fiber orientation in unstructured meshes of cardiac tissue using image- and rule-based approaches
10:30 Coffee
11:00 A. Prassl / F. Kickinger Automatically generated anatomically accurate mesh generation techniques for cardiac electrophysiology problems
11:20 G. Haase Parallelizing algebraic multigrid for solving elliptic PDEs
11:40 R. Weber Dos Santos New parallelization techniques for the Bidomain equations
12:00 Lunch
14:00 P. Comtois Towards a better understanding of anti-arrhythmic therapy on atrial fibrillation:
implementation of a dynamical representation of drug action in realistic tissue models
14:20 A. Kim Using animal models and CARP simulations to help decipher atrial fibrillation
14:40 A. Nygren Reduced conduction reserve in the diabetic rat heart: Insights from experimental observations and computer simulations
15:00 A. Vinet Neurally induced atrial fibrillation: some facts and still open problem
15:20 Coffee
16:00 P. Boyle / M. Deo Modelling the Purkinje System Response to Shocks
16:30 M. Potse Methods and Applications for Billion-node Bidomain Simulations
17:00 R. Sebastian Influence of Purkinje Network and Patient-specific Geometry on the Paced Heart
17:30 User Requests
19:00 Dinner at the Bison Mountain Bistro

7. September 2008